Will help you generating forms for your website in a few clicks. No software development skills are needed.
All you have to do is to choose your form, change its parameters, preview the result and ask FormGenerate to get the final file.
In another way, you need a "contact" page, a "Leave Your Address" page, and you don't know how to do it ? FormGenerate is the answer.


This is the help page.
You'll find here an "how to" explaining you the different ways to include our scripts to your website, and how to prepare your page to make the scripts working.




1) You must first ensure that your webserver allows PHP scripts (actually most of the web hosters provide this on their offer).
2) You must change the file extension of your page to ".php". For example, if your current page is named "contact.html" you must rename it to "contact.php".

Where to put the "script" on my existing web page ?

You just have to put the script exactly where you want to see the form, BUT in the source code view of your website designer.
If you are using Dreamweaver® from Adobe®, click on the "Split" button to view both your design & html code

The script seems not working...

Then your server seems to not be able to run PHP scripts. Please ask your webhoster or your sysadmin to enable your server to run PHP script.
Also, note that, on a few server configuration, you must change the file extension to .php5 instead of .php

There some "specials" characters shown on my web page...

I've put your script on my webpage, and I can see the code of your script directly on the page just like this : "<?php ...... ?>"... What happend ?
In fact, you didn't pay attention at the "Where to put the script" or "pre-requirements" chapters of this help.
1) You should probably have paste the script in the design part of your website editor, then it has converted it into "visible" characters, so it will not run. Please read again the "Where to put the script" chapter.
2) Your webpage is still saved with the ".htm" or ".html" extension, so the script is shown instead of executed. Please ensure that your webpage has the correct ".php" extension. For example, for the first page of your website, the filename must be "index.php" instead of "index.htm" or "index.html".


Direct access to form creation :

Simple Contact Form - Simple Contact Form With Captcha

  More forms to come soon... Please come back quickly...